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We are registered company in Malaysia since 2011 with a team over 15 years of experience in the sourcing, supplying, contract negotiating and export trade, we supply timber, plywood, lubricants, greases, engine oil, and industrial chemicals mainly for pipe manufacturing. In need of an industrial product or any other trade skills we have? Look no further!

Our Services Include: Match product specification required // Match right manufacture // Negotiate contract // Handle logistics // Order inspection // Much more....

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Spare parts

The right parts at the right time


We can supply all the diesel generator spare parts you need to keep you power system running smoothly, from individual nuts and bolts to entire engines.


We can supply genuine and replacement parts for all major brands of Forklifts, Pallet Jacks, Tuggers, and almost every other type of material handling equipment.

Marine Engine

We can supply all the type of marine engine spare parts including, outboard, inboard, high speed and medium speed engines.


We supply Genuine and aftermarket parts for all type of earthmoving machines like bulldozer, excavator, track loader and also all type of cranes.


Malaysian timber

We are working with major timber suppliers in Malaysia, and business activities involves distribution and marketing of various kinds of sawn timbers which are widely use in the markets such as boat building, furniture, mouldings, timber flooring, wooden panels, timber staircase, laminated scantling and other timber products.

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Meranti, Light Red & Red Seraya (Light Hardwood) Meranti, Dark Red / Obar Suluk (Light Hardwood) Nyatoh (Light Hardwood) Mengkulang/Kembang (Medium Hardwood) Kempas (Medium Hardwood) Tualang (Medium Hardwood)

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Always Available (Red Meranti, Dark Red Meranti) // Limited Availablility (Nyatoh, Mengkulang) // Available By Order only (Kempas, Tualang). Suitable for heavy construction, boats, railway sleepers, transmission posts, beams, joists, bridges, wharves, fence posts, piling, parquet and strip flooring, panelling, heavy duty furniture, heavy duty pallets, boxes, crates and tool handles

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What we offer to help your business

Commercial Grade
Marine Plywood
Filmed Plywood

Malaysian Plywood is preferred choice by architect building construction, renovation, and interior designers use it for wonderful interior due to its natural colour and premium strength. Mostly use by following industries: Furniture Industries, Sofa Frames / Mattress Underlay Support, Wood Structure Platform, Renovation Works, Building Construction, Wood Pallet.


Right lubricant makes your move smoother


With a primary focus in Maldives, Sri Lanka, we have identified right principles to meet market requirements. We do supply Kluber, Summit, Castrol, Shell, Mobile and Petronas products. With right principle we have uniquely positioned in market and rapidly growing business within Maldives

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Compressor Oil // Grease // Engine Oil // Base Oil // Turbine Oil // Heat Transfer Oil // Industrial Gear Oil // Hydraulic Oil // Transformer Oil // Food Grease // Degreaser // Marine lubricants.

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